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Hey there, ladies!

If you haven't heard, we've got some exciting new toys for you to try out.

Our new sex toys controlled by an app is the perfect solution for any woman who has ever felt like her vibrator just doesn't cut it. It's powerful enough to get the job done, but it's also quiet—you won't have to worry about anyone hearing your buzz. And did we mention that it can be controlled from anywhere? That's right: no more sending your partner on a wild goose chase for batteries in the middle of a hot and heavy session. Just give them the remote control, and let them set the pace from afar!

If you want something more traditional, check out our app female toy, which has been designed specifically to provide maximum comfort with minimum effort. It's got an ergonomic shape that fits perfectly inside your body and leaves plenty of room for maneuvering—and when you're done using it, just throw it in the dishwasher before heading back out onto the town with your friends!

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