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Whether you're a person who likes to get down and dirty, or someone who just wants to avoid having to talk about how rough you'd like your sex to be, we've got the tips for you.

1. Start slow.

If you're new to rough sex, start by taking it slow. Don't go straight for the handcuffs or try to choke your partner when they least expect it! Vibrator for women can be scary and overwhelming for people who aren't used to it, and it may make them feel unsafe in their relationship. Build up slowly: ask them if they'd be interested in trying something new, or if they'd like you to be rougher this time around. If they say yes, ask them when would be a good time—maybe after dinner or before bed? It's important that everyone feels safe and comfortable with what's happening between them both emotionally as well as physically.

2. Don't forget about lube!

Rough sex can leave some pretty sore spots afterwards—and if you don't use lube (or use too much), then things could get even worse than just feeling sore! Make sure that both of your bodies are well-lubed up so that nothing gets torn or bruised during those moments of passion.

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