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When it comes to choosing the perfect dildo, there are a few factors you should keep in mind.Choose the right size. If you're new to dildos and penetration, start with something small and simple—you might be surprised at how much pleasure even a small toy can bring! A great place to start when looking for that first one is our Beginner's Guide.Choose the right material. Whether you prefer silicone or jelly rubber (or even glass), there are plenty of options out there that work with your body and preferences for materials. Check out our Dildo Materials guide for more information on what each kind does well (and not so well).Choose the right shape. Want something curved? Anal beads? A vibrating clitoral stimulator? Dildos come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so that every woman can find one that fits her perfectly—it just takes some experimentation! Head over to our Dildo Shapes & Sizes guide for more info on what each style offers.Choose color(s) that work best with your skin tone, hair color—and moods! For those who like having fun with their toys (and there’s nothing wrong with that), we also offer an array of bright colors like pink —to match up against sheets or lingerie sets—or black—for those more on-the-go days when discretion is key."

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