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There are a few different ways to clean your sex toys, depending on what kind of material they're made out of. If it's silicone or glass, you can just wipe it down with warm water and soap. If it's made out of rubber or jelly, you'll have to use a special cleaning solution. You can find this at any drugstore or sex shop. You can also try running your toy through the dishwasher if you have one at home. You're doing it. You're cleaning your delicate sex toys. We know you are, because we're doing it too. And we want to help you do it better. Cleaning your sex toys is easy, but there are a few things to keep in mind when you do it. First and foremost, always use warm water and soap (or an antibacterial toy cleaner) when cleaning your toys. This will get the job done without any additional chemicals or harsh abrasives that could damage your toy's finish or material. After washing with soap and warm water, rinse off any residue with clean water and dry completely before storing away or using again.

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