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Sex toys are great. They help you get off, they can be fun for your partner, and they're an easy way to spice up your sex life. But sometimes, despite our best efforts, things happen. Maybe you've been using your toy for too long and it's starting to smell a little funny—or maybe you used it with someone else who wasn't as clean as they should have been. Regardless of what the issue is, this guide will show you how to clean your sex toys safely and effectively so that they last longer, stay cleaner between uses (or during!), and keep your body safe from infection or irritation. It's time to get your freak on. You've picked out the perfect sex toy and now it's time to use it. Before you do, though, there are a few things you should know about how to clean your new friend.

First, never ever ever share your toys with anyone else. Ever. And if you're sharing them with someone else? Wash them thoroughly before and after every use. This is especially important if you are using toys with multiple people.

Second, don't boil your toys in hot water or put them in the dishwasher—you'll ruin the material and possibly cause damage to yourself as well!

Third—and this is really important—make sure that the toy is completely dry before storing it away for later use (or just before throwing it back into your purse). You don't want moisture or bacteria building up over time.

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