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Whether you want to talk about it or not, sex is a part of life. If you're having sex, you need to know how to talk about it—especially when it comes to sensitive issues like sweet vibrators.

Vibrators are a great way for people who have trouble reaching orgasm during sex to get the stimulation they need to reach that peak. And since most people don't talk about their sex toys outside of the bedroom, you might feel weird about bringing them up with your friends or family. But there's no need! It's okay to bring up your vibrator—you don't even have to call it a vibrator!

For example: "Hey, I'm thinking about getting this new toy. What do you think?"

If they're interested in knowing more, they'll ask what kind of toy it is and why you're considering buying one. You can explain that you've been having trouble reaching orgasm with partner(s) and that this might help with that issue. If they aren't interested in hearing more, just say something like "That's cool!" There's nothing wrong with keeping your toys private if that's how you feel more comfortable doing things!

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