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It's time to give the orgasm its due. Women have been trying to convince you that they have a right to pleasure for a long time. After all, we're the ones who need it most—not just because sex feels good, but also because orgasms can improve our mood and make us more relaxed. And when we're relaxed, we sleep better; when we sleep better, our brains work better; and when our brains work better... well, you get the idea.So if you're looking for an easy way to make your partner happy (and maybe yourself), try introducing toys into your bedroom repertoire—and remember: not all strong G-zone stimulator for women are created equal! The best ones are body-safe silicone or glass toys that will feel great against sensitive skin; come with multiple settings so she can adjust how intense her experience is depending on what she wants at any given moment; are rechargeable so there's no risk of having them die mid-session (or even worse—on Valentine's Day); are waterproof so you can take them into the shower without worrying about anything getting wet (unless it's her!).

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