Dubai is the most famous emirates in UAE. This city has a unique topography as it is situated in the desert of UAE, and due to this feature, its landscape consists of sandy deserts. The sand here is clean and pleasing and rich in corals. Dubai Desert Safari in this surrounding is a beautiful experience for those who visit Dubai. It is a thrilling experience, and the journey to the desert safari in Dubai starts with a pickup on a 4*4 vehicle.

Types of Dubai desert safari tours:

Desert safari offers a variety of tours to its visitors, including morning, evening, and night packages. Every time visitors are provided different fun activities like sand skiing, camel riding, and quad biking, these can vary according to the boxes customers are availing.

Morning Desert Safari deals:

Due to their hectic schedules, many people do not have time to plan an evening safari. As a result, they can enjoy a morning desert safari that includes an exciting adventure excursion.

The desert safari includes roughly 20 minutes of thrilling dune bashing and an electrifying camp adventure that provides for quad biking Dubai desert safari, camel rides, and sand skiing. Your morning safari may differ depending on your travel package, which is a 2-hour package journey on average. It is the best alternative for individuals who do not want to cook or camp.

Evening Desert Safari deals:

If planning a trip to Dubai, do something new and exciting by scheduling an evening desert safari. Starting in the afternoon, you'll have to stop for a rest near a camel farm. Enjoy a camel ride and sandboarding while watching the sunset in the desert ocean. Try out a lovely henna design on your hands and feet. Indulge in a celebratory mood with a great BBQ and shisha. At the campsite, you may watch a belly dancer perform Arabic music.

Overnight Desert Safari:

Explore the Arabian Desert while everyone sleeps in the camp. Try out henna decorations, traditional costumes, and camel rides on this overnight desert safari. After dinner, you can sit alone and listen to the sound of the wind striking the beach on a peaceful night. If you enjoy dancing, look at a belly dancer's steps. Don't forget to bring sleeping bags and blankets if you plan to spend the night.

Special desert safari deal:

Here's another option for an overnight desert adventure. It begins with a bang: you'll be driven out of desert safari in an original 1950s Land Rover. You'll observe Dubai Desert Safari Conservation Reserve wildlife before heading to a Bedouin camp. Before having a great supper beneath the stars, you'll see demonstrations of cultural activities, including bread-making, henna painting, and singing. When you wake up, a traditional breakfast with freshly brewed coffee will be waiting for you, which will be a fantastic way to start the day!

Things you must do at Desert Safari:

Most desert safari tours are jam-packed with different activities. Bring a camera on a desert safari  Dubai because of the breathtaking views. Also, wear comfortable clothing and avoid wearing jewelry or expensive watches, as there is no signal at the camps. Try our Arabic coffee and wiggle yourself.

Please remember that because the Dubai desert safari is an adventurous activity, we do not recommend it for children under three, pregnant women, or elderly persons, particularly those with back difficulties. However, we may arrange for a private car to transport you directly to the camp so that you can participate in other activities. We also have child car seats. You are also insured from the time you enter one of our vehicles.

For our desert safari, we use 4x4 Land Cruisers. Our drivers are trained in first aid and are professional and licensed, and vehicles are equipped with roll cages to protect the occupants from injury. Moreover, you are free unlimited water, soft drinks, tea, and Arabic coffee in the desert camp. Dinner with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options is also arranged there for the visitors. 'Hubbllee Bubblee' Shisha smoking area is also available.

No trip to Dubai is complete without a desert adventure, and there is no better way to explore that sandy area than on a safari. So while confirming the tour, make sure that it contains

Sand skiing:

Sand skiing is an exciting event that everyone should have. It is a popular aspect of the desert safari. You can ski from the highest dunes on a ski board; anyone can do it because the soft sand will catch you if you fall. We recommend you schedule the red dune safari to get the most out of your sand-skiing experience.

Camel Trekking:

Camel treks are another popular desert safari pastime. Enjoy the sunset from the highest dune on your way to the camp, where beverages and dinner await you.

Dune Buggies/Quad Bikes:

We have two kinds of quad bikes for adults and children. Larger quad motorcycles are 350cc and more powerful, while smaller quad bikes are 150cc and suitable for youngsters. Quad bikes can only be driven outside the camp and cannot be brought into the desert for safety concerns.

Dune buggies, on the other hand, can transport two persons on a desert safari. This is a good alternative for thrill enthusiasts. Our instructor will lead the convoy, and you will be given safety equipment and instructions before the ride.

There are three Desert safari deals available; ride as a passenger in the lead buggy driven by our expert guide, take turns moving in a shared buggy, or reserve a private buggy for yourself and up to three friends.

You'll spend about two hours in the buggies. Explore the dunes early morning or night for the best views of the vast desert dunes.

Tanoura Dance:

Sufi males, who spin continually, usually perform it for Sufi music. It's also a highlight of Dubai desert safari tours. Tanoura Dance in Dubai desert safari, like any other dance, is rich with talent and gorgeous multi-colored costumes that leave the viewer immensely entertained in a significant cultural component of your Dubai Vacation Packages.

So that’s complete for the Dubai desert safari, and we hope you will find it quite helpful while planning your trip.

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