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Now, we will review FM WhatsApp Download, which is a modified App of the original WhatsApp. This composition will punctuate the features, pros, and cons. So, you must pay attention if you want to snare an intriguing read.

We're living in an ultramodern world that relies heavily on communication. Generally, with the arrival of the smartphone, numerous messaging apps came into the request. People are using colorful Apps, but you can call WhatsApp the king of communication. This is because it allows you to remain ultra-private during every message. But due to mortal nature, we want more. That's why inventors are creating analogous Apps like WhatsApp.

As you formerly know that this App is a modified interpretation of the original WhatsApp. But why should you use it? The answer to this question is simple; for other visual experiences and cool features which aren't present in the original App. This App provides freedom of customization, which allows you to epitomize the App according to your satisfaction. For illustration, if you don't like the green layout of the original App, Want WhatsApp Group Links Check, you can also change it in the modified interpretation. That convenience can affect your aesthetic satisfaction.

FM WhatsApp Privacy Features

Freeze your last scene:

we are always worried about our latest views and sometimes we don’t want to be overtaken by other recent views on WhatsApp.  Officially, the original version gives you the option to disable what you recently saw on WhatsApp, but otherwise, you will no longer see what others have seen on WhatsApp.  Now you may be wondering what is unique about FM WhatsApp?  Now FM WhatsApp shows you what other people have seen recently while others don’t see when you were last on WhatsApp.  To enable this feature, click the three dots in the top right corner of FM WhatsApp, click Fouad mods> Privacy> click Freeze Last Viewed.

Hide display status in FMWhatsApp:

This is again an important feature associated with FM WhatsApp.  Most users prefer the third-party version because of the enhanced privacy features it offers.  With this feature, people who publish stories about their situation may not know that you are looking at their situation.  In other words, if you enable this feature, you can hide and see other people’s stories posted in their status section without being notified.

Show blue ticks after answer:

You may find this FMWhatsapp feature very important because you can hide it completely without leaving your friends connected and reading but not responding to their messages.  We often receive messages but read them for some reason we are unable to respond.  Not meeting your friends can be a problem.  So what is the solution here?  FM WhatsApp provides a feature to get rid of this problem.  With FM WhatsApp, the sender will see blue ticks when you reply to it and not just by looking at the message.  This feature can be invaluable for people who are always busy and don’t have time to respond right away.

Hide delivery and blueTick:

WhatsApp users have been waiting for this feature for a long time, but the official developers have not added this feature for some reason.  As the name suggests, when receiving a message, the sender will not see if you have sent the message.  This also applies to blueberries.  The sender doesn't know if you've seen the message or not.  Only one check mark will appear in the APP.  But you can now read his messages without leaving.  This is a great feature, right?  Download FM WhatsApp now and check out all these features.

Hide action to write and record text:

Check out this recently added feature.  The name suggests everything.  So you don’t want to let others know what you’re doing while you’re online and as the conversation goes on?  If you enable this feature, the person you are talking to will not be shown that you are writing or recording a voice message.  Privacy at its best, download the FM WhatsApp today and enjoy these exciting features.

FM WhatsApp Amazing Features

To send a number without saving a contact:

FM Whatsapp can send an SMS, voice or video call directly to anyone without actually saving their number.  This feature is useful when we need to send a temporary text message to someone, and we don’t want to save their number on our phone.  Just click the three dots in the top right corner and click ‘send a number’ and enter the number and send the messages immediately and start the conversation.

To disable the tag in sent messages:

When we forward a message to someone or a group, it’s labeled that says ‘forwarded’.  Sometimes this is annoying because the message we send to others seems questionable and confusing in the originality of the message.  But with the help of FM Whatsapp, we can forward any message that the messages sent to others are inadvertently forwarded several times before we get there.  To use this feature, go to Fouad Mods> privacy> Disable forwarded message tag.

Select contacts to call:

Sometimes contacts we don’t want to communicate with inadvertently call us.  Or there are people who annoy us by calling WhatsApp instead of calling us directly through the mobile network.  In the official version, we cannot block incoming calls from unwanted contacts, the only way is to block them.  Blocking is useless because they may not be able to chat with you, but the latest version of FM Whatsapp allows you to select people from your contact list who can call Whatsapp.

Anti-deletion status:

The anti-delete status is once again one of the greatest features available on FMWhatsapp.  If someone posts a story in the status area and deletes a story after it is published, the story will be deleted and no one will see it.  But here with the help of FM Whatsapp you get an unfair advantage.  In other words, you can see other people’s stories even after you delete them.  This feature seems simple, but it has its advantages that give you ultimate access to view published stories. This feature sometimes gives you the maximum, many features like this have been added to FM Whatsapp, so stay tuned to see something more exciting.


Bored of WhatsApp green topic on the same topic?  do you want to try something new?  Customize the WhatsApp interface with many themes.  This is the most desired and expected feature in FM Whatsapp, distinguishing it from the original version.  Fouad WhatsApp apk has many different themes, there is a collection of over 100 themes and many more to come.  Choose the one that suits you.  Try something new every day, download FM Whatsapp now and enjoy these great features, and you know the best?  You don't have to spend a cent, everything is free.

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