Uwell Caliburn GK2 Pod Kit Review

Uwell Caliburn GK2 Pod Vape as the latest range of Uwell Caliburn series has hit the vape market by storm. It is an upgrade of its predecessor Uwell Caliburn Koko Prime, coming with a larger battery capacity, higher power output, fast charging and many other new features. Today let’s take a look on the brand new compact yet powerful pod vape - Uwell Caliburn GK2 Pod Kit.

Uwell Caliburn X Price Vape Kit is an upgraded version of the KOKO PRIME series. With fashionable design and upgraded functions, it provides a better interaction experience and fits a wide range of vapers. Dazzling light and cyberpunk design lead to an infinite imagination of the future, if you ever played the video game Cyber Punk 2077, I think this GK2 Pod Vape would be more impressive. Enlightened by the cyberpunk theme and futuristic style, Uwell Caliburn GK2 Pod comes with brand new colous: Ocean Flame and Aurora Green, along with the classic colour Ribbon Red and Matte Black.

It is worth mentioning that the most significant and catching feature of the Uwell Caliburn GK2 Pod Vape is the glass panel which can light up to indicate the status of the device. The light functions as a battery capacity guide, changing color and is more eye-catching than a simple LED light.

As mentioned above, the Uwell Caliburn GK2 Pod Vape is an all-round upgrade product of Uwell Caliburn series. It is powered by a built-in 690mAh battery, capable of holding up to 2ml e-liquid, outputting max 18W, delivering a discreet and true MTL vaping experience with recommended 50/50 e-liquid or higher PG e-liquid. Made from durable PA, PC+ABS material, the Uwell Caliburn GK2 is designed to be portable and solid while offering stable output and satisfying vapour. With only 45.2g weight and the included lanyard, it’s an ideal option if you’re looking for a compact yet powerful kit to take on the go.

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