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Digestive worms represent a gamble to the strength of our pets and ourselves. Knowing how they are communicated and how to forestall them is critical to forestalling its spread and the harm they cause. Digestive worms are parasites that influence not just canines and felines, likewise parasitize reptiles, birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, hares, ferrets,... All creatures that we have as pets. Some can be sent to individuals with huge wellbeing risk, so you ought to know well the way that they are communicated and how to forestall them.

These "bugs" are caught in the covering of the digestive system and feed on the host creature (canine, feline), causing gastrointestinal irritation that causes constant loose bowels (a couple of days the stools are typical and others have no consistency). The aftereffect of this irritation is a lacking food assimilation or deficient retention of supplements coming about because of the work didn't show up in that frame of mind for the blood, causing hunger that outcomes in an evident diminishing and awful hair (dry, dull and harsh). On account of young doggies, causing a stomach bump them look "large gut", in spite of its slimness. A few types of worms feed on blood, which likewise cause paleness.

Results of the digestive parasitism:

- Constant looseness of the bowels

- Regurgitating

- Weight reduction

- Frailty

- Unfortunate appearance of the skin and hair

- As pups, widened midsection.

We recognize two sorts of worms:

1.- Worms level or tapeworms, which in the view are little level strips.

2.- The worms round they are like "spaghetti" however more limited. Not all look great to the unaided eye (the Trichuris are limited).

This order is vital in light of the fact that their ways of life are unique and not all answer well to these medicines.

Flatworms or tapeworms

Tapeworms need a moderate host (in which hatchlings grow) so it could spread to different creatures. For instance Dipylidium is communicated by insects. The pet is scratching his mouth, inadvertently eats an insect, and from that point spreading fires. So when there are insects on a canine or feline ought to be dealt with the two parasites (bugs and gastrointestinal parasites Dipylidium).

Had other, better known it, delivers the hydatid blister (Echinoccocus), a sickness that contaminates people and can be extremely grave guess. The existence pattern of this parasite is shut when the canine eats offal of sheep, cows... convey the larval structure currently in the canine or human body advance pimple. Quite a while back had such an effect in Spain that a few districts did destruction crusades.

To control tapeworms need to go to two kinds of lengths:

1-Keep away from halfway has, which contain hatchlings (control of bugs on account of Dipylidium or forestall canines eating crude viscera on account of hydatid blister).

2 - Use worming tablets - like Panacur for Canines, to kill grown-up tapeworms.


Roundworms are passed from canines and felines to others straightforwardly, when the creature sniffs or licks excrement or butt of parasitized creatures. Ascaris (a kind of roundworm) can likewise taint people buy fenbendazole. I ought to say that the gamble are the eggs that are tiny.

How control roundworms:

1 - Applying a right cleanliness and staying away from contact with the defecation (we can step on one in the road or in the field and bring it home) or parasitized creatures. Assuming the canine or feline is parasitized eggs can be borne transmittable put minute worms, or by licking (preparing them for his whole body through the tongue) or treasure them (in their fur can be found eggs that have come there to hair prepping, subsequent to licking the butt, or moving around ashore tainted with eggs that showed up with the dung of another canine or feline). Hence it is so essential to wash hands completely with cleanser in the wake of playing with our pets.

On account of foundations (nurseries, kindergartens, and so forth) Ought to apply a severe tidiness and cleanliness in the vicinity where they are.

2 - Oversee antiparasitic.

Considering what has been said, the truly fascinating isn't treating the sickness when we see our pet removes worms in the stool, in light of the fact that as can be sent to individuals, assuming he was at that point in our creature, can habérnoslas happened to us. What is consoling to have the option to live with our canine or feline is protected preventive de-worming, for example giving drug when there are no parasites so you won't ever have.

Our pets can have worms without us see them show up in their stool, so it is so essential to make standard examination of defecation, on the grounds that with this kind of investigation should be visible, with the guide of a magnifying lens, the eggs, which have various shapes relying upon sort of worm. Consequently, we know whether the creature is swarmed or not, and ought to be, by what types of worm, and initiating more compelling treatment.

At the point when we treat creatures with parasites, in the wake of directing the medicine as remedy, we should make a stool assessment to realize that the patient has been liberated from sickness.

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