How to Spice Up Your Sex Life with a Sex Toy Torso

Sleeveless Bodysuit For Women With Crotchless Design

Feel what it’s like to have sex toy torso with a real vagina, thanks to Doc Johnson’s Vertical Vagina Simulator. This model is molded from adult star Alana Evans' actual vagina and features four separate positions to increase your sexual pleasure. Unfortunately, it's only available in pink or brown and doesn't include a USB port for wireless connectivity (just in case you want to catch up on some me time during work). But for those who aren’t big fans of penetration, there are plenty of other types of sex toys for women available for purchase. The best part about them? They're cheaper than a trip to an escort agency!

Open-ended Sexual Positions Kit

The kit is a good way to break out of your comfort zone, make sex toy torso more fun and have an exciting time with your partner. It's well known that there are numerous sexual positions that many people still find difficult to carry out. With these kits, you can explore anything you want without having to worry about your physical limitations in any way. What's great about these is you can use them on your own or with someone else and even use them for BDSM play as well! Plus, they're compact so if you need to travel somewhere overnight or if there's no room for storage at home when not in use, it won't be an issue!

Lifelike Silicone Doll with Lightweight Frame

When you want a sex doll that feels like true-to-life skin, or just simply want to add a layer of realism to your current sex doll torso, then our Silicone Dolls are a better option for you. These dolls use an articulated metal skeleton that allows them to be fully poseable. They can hold positions and even stand on their own. With several similar models available in both boy and girl styles, we’re sure there is something for everyone’s taste! Our life size dolls come equipped with beautiful faces handcrafted by talented artists and sculptors who specialize in making realistic sex dolls. They will arrive to you with red lips and nails if requested as part of her standard makeup application process.

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