Why Torso Sex Dolls Are Becoming More Popular

Some people even use torso sex dolls for performance art, or to make a political point.

For example, in May 2017, a man named Brian Sloan staged an exhibition called “The Life Size Human Body” at the New York Art Fair. He used torso sex doll to create a realistic depiction of the human body—and then took photos of them. In early 2019, he also unveiled his new installation entitled “The Realistic Vagina Project: Exhibit 1: Seduction” at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

When we asked one independent developer what he would say to skeptics who believe these AI programs are nothing more than glorified vibrators without true intelligence, his response was brief: "I would tell them about my wife."

The market includes female and male dolls, child dolls, and even transgender dolls.

It's a niche industry that has quickly gained momentum in recent years as more people seek out sexual companionship that's not based on emotion or commitment. A doll can be customized to your exact specifications, from skin color to hair style. You can change the body shape of your torso sex doll with clothes or clothing removal; you can even choose whether or not it has a vagina!

Multiple companies are making strides toward developing artificial intelligence for their sex dolls so they will respond to your touch (or lack thereof).

This means that there are now options available for every budget—from humble $20 models all the way up to luxury pieces costing upwards of $10K!

That's huge growth for such a short period of time.

We could watch stand-up comedy specials from comedians like Amy Schumer and Norm Macdonald; we could read books by Mark Twain or Terry Pratchett; we could even go see movies like “The Interview” or “Spaceballs” (which was actually an unauthorized sequel based on this very website). But sometimes all of these options aren't enough…

When looking at how an industry like this has evolved over time (and especially when compared to the past), we can see just how far we've come as a society: from religion-based taboos against certain forms of pleasure altogether (the ancient Greeks believed that women were inferior beings who existed solely for men's enjoyment) to today where openness about sexuality leads us toward greater levels of intimacy between genders & races




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