How to make a head cleaning Canon MP230

A head cleaning Canon MP230 is a simple process that can be performed at home with just a few supplies. This printer uses ink cartridges filled with ink and then placed in the print head. Over time, the ink can dry out or become clogged in the print head, causing poor print quality. A head cleaning will remove any dried or clogged ink from the print head and help improve print quality.

Step 1: Remove the ink cartridges from the printer. They should slide out quickly, but gently push them in and remove them if they don't.

Step 2: Open the printer's top cover by lifting it.

Step 3: Remove the print head. It should slide out easily. If it doesn't, gently push in on one side and then the other to loosen it.

Step 4: Clean the print head using a cotton swab or soft cloth and rubbing alcohol.

Step 5: Wipe the cleaning pad with a clean, dry cloth.

Step 6: Slide the print head back into place and close the printer's top cover.

Step 7: Replace the ink cartridges. They should slide in easily, but if they don't, gently push them in and release them.

Step 8: Close the cover and turn on the printer.

Step 9: Press the "Home" button and then press the "Resume" button to resume printing.

Introduction: Why a head cleaning is necessary

The printer's print head is the part that applies the ink to the pages. Over time, the ink can dry on the print head, which causes clogs and bad printing. To keep your printer operating at its best, you should clean it regularly. Be sure to clean your printer's print head regularly. Cleaning the print head is a straightforward procedure, and it will improve your printer's performance.

Instructions: Step-by-step guide

1. Make sure that your printer is turned on and that you have a paper or photo cartridge loaded in the tray.

2. Ensure the printer is idle, not printing from a computer or other source, and not printing a test page.

3. Open the printer cover (1).

4. Lift the ink cartridge access door (2) and wait for the print head carriage to move to the far right side of the printer.

5. Press and hold down the clear button (3) for five seconds until two cleaning cycles are complete.

6. Close the printer cover. Your printer has now been cleaned and is ready to resume printing. You may want to clean your print head again if your printer is not printing. If the problem continues, please call Dell for service.

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