Venmo Card Withdrawal Limit: Understanding Your Financial Flexibility

In today's digital age, the convenience of managing finances through mobile apps has become increasingly popular. Venmo, a prominent player in the peer-to-peer payment market, offers a range of services, including the Venmo Card. This debit card, linked to your Venmo account, provides a seamless way to access your funds. However, it's essential to understand the Venmo Card Withdrawal Limit to ensure smooth financial transactions.

Daily Withdrawal Limits

The Venmo Card comes with a daily withdrawal limit, which is a standard practice among financial institutions to ensure security and regulatory compliance. As of now, the daily limit for ATM withdrawals using the Venmo Card is $400. This limit resets at midnight CST every day, allowing you to plan your cash withdrawals accordingly.

ATM Network and Fees

Venmo has partnered with the MoneyPass ATM network to offer fee-free withdrawals at over 32,000 ATMs across the United States. If you use an ATM outside of this network, you may incur a $2.50 fee per transaction, in addition to any fees charged by the ATM operator. It's advisable to locate a nearby MoneyPass ATM using the Venmo app to avoid these extra charges.

Point-of-Sale Withdrawals

In addition to ATM withdrawals, the Venmo Card also allows for cashback at participating retailers. This feature enables you to withdraw cash while making a purchase, often without any additional fees. The daily limit for cashback transactions is included in the overall $400 withdrawal limit.

Understanding Venmo's Limits

It's important to note that the Venmo Card withdrawal limit is separate from the spending limit. The spending limit, which includes purchases and payments, is $3,000 per day. This distinction allows for a broader range of transactions while maintaining security measures.

Managing Your Venmo Card

To keep track of your Venmo Card transactions and limits, regularly monitor your account through the Venmo app. The app provides real-time updates on your balance, transactions, and remaining daily limits. Additionally, you can set up notifications to alert you of any card activity, helping you stay informed and secure.

Security Measures

Venmo takes security seriously, implementing measures such as encryption, multifactor authentication, and real-time monitoring to protect your account. If you notice any suspicious activity or unauthorized transactions, it's crucial to report them immediately through the Venmo app or by contacting Venmo's support team.


Understanding the withdrawal limits of your Venmo Card is essential for effective financial management. By staying informed about these limits and utilizing the Venmo app's features, you can ensure a smooth and secure experience with your Venmo Card. Whether you're withdrawing cash from an ATM, getting cashback at a retailer, or managing your daily transactions, the Venmo Card offers a convenient and flexible solution for your financial needs.

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