3 Major Ways To Stimulate Your Clitoris

Active play Many women discover that they are more familiar with their bodies than their partners are, so in an emergency, using their hand will be most effective. Of course, some people avoid masturbation porn sex movies. In either case, it's crucial to be able to work hands-on if you ever decide to. There is no one-size-fits-all method of clit stimulation, claims psychotherapist and sexologist Taylor Nolan. Get curious and start experimenting, she advises, as "the best manual, hands-on way to stimulate the clitoris is going to be different for everyone." "Try tapping, rubbing side to side or in circles on the clitoris, and don't forget the lube. You can sometimes stimulate the internal clitoris by squeezing or performing kegels without even using your hands.

Something to be mindful of? Dr. Jess O'Reilly, a sexologist, relationship expert, and We-Vibe sex expert, notes that some people experience extreme sensitivity in the head of their clitoris, making direct touch nearly intolerable. If you do, she advises playing around and rubbing the clitoral hood through the head of the clit to lessen some of the sensitivity. And yet another thing The clitoris is anatomically deeper into the body for some people than it is for others, according to clinical psychologist, sex therapist, and founder of The Clinic, Dr. Britney Blair, Dr. Britney Blair reminds us. She says, "You may need more intense clitoral stimulation if you happen to have a clitoris that is more deeply embedded into the body." She also points out that the clitoris extends into the vaginal canal and down behind the labia.

So, she continues, "don't get too fixated on the glans that you may see peeking out from under the clitoral hood. At the end of the day, even though getting hands-on can occasionally feel awkward, discovering your body's preferences is nothing short of empowering. Toy play Sometimes hands simply aren't sufficient. Even if they don't, the presence of toys can significantly increase the appeal of clitoral stimulation. What's best? They can be used alone, with a partner, or even internally during sex

Suction toys are the most obvious toys for clit stim. When it comes to sex toys, many companies offer suction devices, but Womanizer's entire line is focused on clitoral stimulation. Dr. O'Reilly explains that many people discover that the Womanizer toys' heads provide a very direct path to pleasure and orgasm. "The head of the Womanizer toys looks like a short tube that fits around the head of the clit," he says. "I like the Womanizer Premium ($199) because it has the Smart Silence and autopilot features, goes into standby mode when you pull it away from your skin, and restarts itself when you press it up against it. Additionally, you can set the toy to alternate between a variety of patterns so you never know what will happen. Despite how wonderful they are, suction toys can be too intense for people with sensitive clitoral musculatures.

In that situation, using a wand is a great option since the long handle makes it simple to use alone or during sex. A good example is Le Wand's Petite Rechargeable Massager, $135. Then there are palm vibes (like the Dame Pom, $95) that simulate the sensation of cupping your clit and vulva with varying vibrating sensations, as well as pronged vibes (like the Le Wand Deux, $125) that mimic the feel of fingers but with a firmer rumble effect. Oral is always an option if you're exploring pleasure with a partner. Of course, the level of pleasure you experience is entirely subjective, just like with all sexual acts. Nevertheless, some methods are more enjoyable for oral clitoral stimulation than others. According to Alicia Sinclair, the founder and CEO of COTR, Inc., the company behind Le Wand, b-Vibe, and The Cowgirl, "One reliable way is to lick upwards with a broad, wide tongue." Pointy tongues placed directly on the clitoris are frequently excessive. Regardless of licking, if you stop using suction toys, suction during oral will work just as well.

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