A Recommended Meal Plan For Prior To Anal Sex

Unhappily, starving yourself to death before reaching rock bottom is a result of diet culture. Additionally, it is unhealthy, so avoid doing it. Hall advises you to pay attention to how you feel after eating porn sex movies. This can be particularly nice when you're not bottoming because you can go explore your limits.

How did you feel after eating oatmeal for breakfast?

What will happen tomorrow?

After chowing down on a massive cheeseburger and some fries, how did you feel?

The same burger is available, but how about a side of salad?

To help you in the future when bottoming is a possibility, keep these items in mind.

A food diary, which is basically simply an entry in your Notes app, can help you keep track of which foods have an impact on your health and which ones don't. This information will be very beneficial to you when dining out, says Hall. The good news is that we  don't typically bottom every day, but congrats to those who do! It will take some trial and error.

Plan beforehand.

By taking psyllium husks or fiber supplements every day before your date, you can make some proactive preparations. Additionally, you ought to drink a lot of water. Fiber only functions effectively when you're hydrated, claims Hall. Start keeping a 1500 ML water bottle on your person and consume two of them daily. Drinking lots of water will also soften stools, which can ease constipation and encourage more frequent bowel movements. Another approach to be ready is to take a small douche (90 ml) before leaving for the date.

According to him, "this little douche tactic has worked for me time and time again when on dinner dates with my hubby."If  you're worried about getting dairy in your food, take Lactaid and keep some Tums on hand for contingencies.

What you are aware of ordering

If your date takes you somewhere you've gone before, order dishes you've had previously that won't leave you feeling bloated and full. This rule should be used when ordering dishes at establishments you are less familiar with. When you're on a date, it's not the goal to choose foods that will help you have the best bowel movement, claims Hall. You should choose dishes that you are confident will cause the least amount of gas and bloating because food takes a while to digest.

Gas and bloating commonly emerge quickly after eating a dish that doesn't set well in our stomachs.When bottoming, this can be extremely unpleasant and divert your focus from taking pleasure in the sex. When it comes to pooping, you'll be able to detect if you need to use the restroom within 30 to an hour of eating something.You ought to be safe if you  don't.


So that your stomach does not become overworked, control your portions (for instance, only eat half the dish). Additionally, you have leftovers to eat when you arrive home as a post-sex reward. Don't drink as much as the amount of alcohol consumed should be watched because, as we all know, it can make us lose control and eat unhealthy snacks. Additionally, drinking alcohol causes the body to become dehydrated and dries up the sphincter, which makes anal sex painful.

Treat yourself to a drink or two if you're at a sophisticated cocktail bar, Hall says. When you've had enough of that, try switching to something lighter like a vodka soda because certain clear alcoholic beverages are a little friendlier on your bottom. Rose, rum, and whiskey all contain sugar, which can result in some gassy reactions.


Even if it's your favorite, you should avoid highly spicy dishes and meals that contain legumes like beans and lentils as well as cruciferous veggies like broccoli and cauliflower. Use the same caution when consuming foods that contain dairy and artificial sweeteners. Funny enough, according to Hall, the more fat-free the dairy is, the worse the gas and bloating will be if you have lactose sensitivity. A lot of low-fat milk products contain skim milk powder, which has a higher concentration of lactose, the dairy sugar that causes all the issues.

In actuality, full-fat ice cream is preferred to a low-fat type.


If you're feeling nauseous, let your date know. Even though everyone on the date is aware that the butt will be used extremely intimately, talking about your butt and how it normally functions can still feel taboo. It's strange how, when we're seated across from someone, we know we want their penis inside of us but find it difficult to admit it. The same person will reply, "How about a little foreplay. Hall expressed his opinion. Your keys to enjoying food and sex are to be in tune with your body, communicate with your sexual partners, and be flexible with yourself."

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