Some Advice Before Trying the Cowgirl Position

Talk about new watch Vietnamese new sex movies with your partner before attempting them.

How do they feel about taking on new roles?

Ask your partner.

Breathing will be simpler if your head and chest are raised.

How to Try the Cowgirl Position

Keep Your Knees Safe

Your knees and legs may experience a lot of stress if you are the "rider" on top.

If your knees start to hurt, use pillows.

Moving forward

You can lean forward over your partner while in the cowgirl sex position so that your clitoris rubs against their pelvis.

Your hips will slide back and forth as opposed to bouncing up and down.

If it seems like the penetration is too deep, place a pillow under your knees.

Utilize your arms as a source of support.

If being on top makes you uncomfortable, try leaning forward to get closer to your partner.

Hold hands with them so they can assist you in controlling the pace and moving up and down.

If your partner is seated with their back against a wall, it will also make a difference.

You can also lean against the wall for support.

You can use the wall to support yourself while grinding or moving up and down in addition to feeling secure.

Sit back

Another option is to lean back and rest your hands for support on your  partner's upper thighs rather than bending forward.

In addition to getting a great view of your body, your partner can also play with your clit, which immediately increases the appeal of this position.

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