What Do Men and Women Want in Bed Really

I've been studying human sexuality for the past ten years. Numerous men and women who felt comfortable doing so were interviewed in their homes, workplaces, coffee shops, and other settings. We all desire pleasure and connection with someone who loves us when it comes to sexual activity. But how we want those things fulfilled is what distinguishes our aspirations. Here is a summary of several lust god porn videos cravings that both men and women have, as well as some surprising gender-specific variances.


Women desire to feel safe, wanted, and cherished. Additionally, they seek to be heard and understood. It really boils down to comfort with their spouse when it comes to what ladies require in bed. She needs to understand that he loves her enough to put his past relationships with other women behind him once they start dating. Women need a man who prioritizes her when he gets home from work or goes out with friends—a man who doesn't view her as inferior to his former sexual partners but instead recognizes how fortunate he is that they are even together!

Everybody wants to have sex, including women. But she needs love, not just lust, first. If there isn't any love between you two before discussing sex, don't even ask because, when spoken aloud, it will always sound scary rather than sexy (or typed on a computer).


Men desire being desired. Men desire to be regarded. Men desire to be happy. Men, who prefer to feel in charge, value compliments from their partners, especially when they're coupled with a hand on their shoulders or an adoring glance in their way, which can help them feel more at ease and confident in bed (and out of bed too). If you're looking for some simple ways to compliment your partner, try saying things like, "You look hot tonight," "You're the best lover ever," and "What do you think about this new thing we're doing in bed?" He'll adore it!

Actually, not much has changed.It's time to abandon the notion that men and women are fundamentally different from one another. Simple desires like sexual fulfillment, intimacy, and a sense of connectedness with their spouse are shared by people of both sexes. Although males may desire these things in slightly different ways than women do, everyone shares the same fundamental ideas.

Women want to feel safe, whilst men want to feel strong. Men prefer sex that is adventurous, while women prefer sex that is warm and personal. Women frequently equate power with having control over their bodies during sexual activity (or even otherwise), but males view power as their partner's willingness to relinquish all control, if only for a little period.

It's critical to understand what your lover wants in bed if you want to win their approval. The good news is that when it comes to what makes people turn on, men and women don't really differ all that much. Both sexes desire a partner that understands their feelings around sex, cares for them during sexual activity, and can communicate their needs and wishes successfully without fear of being rejected or judged by others (including other people in relationships).

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