Facts that explain how the penis evolved to look the way it does

Three facts demonstrate how the penis changed in appearance over time. Three facts demonstrate how the penis changed in appearance over time. A number of studies on the evolution of the male penis suggest that our enormous, pulsating dicks account for a significant portion of what sets us apart from monkeys. The truth. The fully erect length of an adult gorilla's penis is only about 1.5 inches. The average height of chimpanzees is about three inches. With an average erect penis length of 5-7 inches, humans are the most sexually active primate. Even though we have evolved separately from apes for 7 million years, how did we become so large while they remained firmly planted in micropenis-land? Vietnamese sex movies

1. Your great, great, great grandma thought highly of them. Girls simply find a well-hung guy more appealing than a guy who isn't, according to the widely accepted theory explaining why humans are the most endowed primate. In a 2013 Australian study, it was discovered that women generally thought more endowed men were more attractive when they were shown computer-generated images of men with different body types and penis lengths.

According to study author Brian Mautz, Ph.D., "This is one way women could have judged a man's attractiveness before we were wearing clothes." However, despite the fact that over the course of evolution our female ancestors mated with larger dicks simply because they looked cool, a sizable percentage of women paradoxically still don't give a shit about penis size.

Although most women found a larger penis to be more attractive, some do not care at all, according to Mautz. Therefore, Internet inchworm cocks can rest easy. Many other physical characteristics are equally or even more appealing to women than a monster schlong. In fact, the Australian study found that broad shoulders and tall height were better indicators of attractiveness than penis size, indicating that the size you should be most concerned about is your vertical one. To that end, these are intended:

2. The likelihood of a vaginal orgasm is increased by larger penises. Women will always choose men who can persuade them to become partners, whether we're talking about a thousand years ago or right now. there are two causes for that Orgasm is the first and most important rule. Had one before? Try it. Second, and more importantly, a vaginal orgasm's contractions help direct semen toward the cervix, increasing the likelihood that sperm will get there and fertilize an egg. So, a woman's chances of getting pregnant are increased by men who can entice women. This has significant evolutionary ramifications because males with large penises are more likely to pass on their well-hung genes to their progeny.

 Numerous studies have made an effort to investigate this. In one study, Scottish researchers discovered that among a sample of 300 women, 50 percent had vaginal orgasms at least once a month, and that a third preferred big dicks that could get closer to their bodies during sex. According to a University of Texas study, 90% of women said having a thicker penis was the most crucial factor in determining their level of sexual satisfaction. Of course, women can experience perfectly wonderful orgasms with smaller or average penises, and men with less virility aren't necessarily less fertile than those with more. The only difference is that men have developed larger members as a result of women's orgasmic preference for big cocks.

3. Mushroom hints help establish paternity Human boners may be extremely massive for entirely mechanical reasons. According to some researchers, the mushroom-shaped tip of the penis, which is unique among primates, may be used by females to scrape out the semen of previous partners during sex in order to increase the likelihood that their own semen will fertilize. On willing volunteers, University of Albany researchers used variously shaped dildos to test this theory. In comparison to the headless models, the anatomically correct ones with a larger head were able to remove 91% of the previous semen. I'm dying to know how we can sign up to volunteer for this, but According to study author Gordon Gallup, Ph.D., an evolutionary psychologist at the University of Albany, "a longer penis would aid and abet the displacement of semen left by other males as a means of maximising the likelihood of paternity." Therefore, a big dong is a dad. Massive dong genes are passed down by dads, and the cycle continues.

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