Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Swallow Every Time

I've compiled the top five reasons your man enjoys it when you swallow his cum to help you understand why you must definitely consider doing it for his pleasure.

1. It increases his sense of worth and acceptance. The majority of men interpret your swallowing of their cum as a sign of acceptance. It implies that you accept him completely and even worship him as your boyfriend's girlfriend. When you do, he feels more special and becomes more attached to you.

2. It arouses him. But only if he notices that you're having fun. He might feel rejected if he realizes that you're only doing it because he wants you to and that you're not giving it your all. This might ruin his sexual mood. Fake taxi Vietnamese

3. He feels more in control as a result. Even if he doesn't say it, your boyfriend or husband wants to be the one to make the decisions in bed. Even though he occasionally prefers when you take charge, he still believes that the final say should belong to him. Therefore, when you let him ejaculate into your mouth and then swallow the cum, you are giving him the upper hand in bed. You're allowing him to rule. There are times when your man will feel that giving you his semen orally is preferable to sex or a blowjob. This is due to the fact that he can have a better orgasm because he doesn't have to remove his male organ from your mouth or vagina before coming.

 5 The expression on your face as you swallow makes the effort worthwhile. Nothing compares to the expression on your face when you swallow your man's cum and appear to be enjoying yourself. It might put him in a happy place. There Are Six Reasons Why Women Hate Swallowing Cum There are a variety of reasons why women find the thought of ingesting their boyfriend's genitalia intolerable, let alone allowing them to ejaculate into their mouths.

 1.Taste Be honest for a moment. Not like your favorite ice cream, semen doesn't taste good. Sucking your man's cum wouldn't be such a big deal, would it, if it did?

2. Smell The smell of your boyfriend's cum is usually not the best. Yes, there may be times when it is odorless, but more often than not, it has a less desirable smell.

3. Laugh Reaction The gag reflex, also referred to as laryngeal spasm, is brought on when something is thrust into your mouth, touches the roof of your mouth, the back of your tongue or throat, or the area around your tonsils. Simply put, it's the sensation you get when he forces his penis down your throat while it's in your mouth. It's understandable that you don't always enjoy the sensation because it's not at all pleasant.

4. Color The majority of men's semen has an odd color. If your husband's or your boyfriend's is the same, it might not look at all appealing to you. When the time comes to swallow it, how you feel about it will greatly depend on how you perceive it.

5. Texture If the cum is too chunky and thick, like yogurt or cottage cheese, it might not be very appealing to let it go into your mouth and then swallow it. 6. Excessive Sperm The ultimate aim of a man is to give you an enormous amount of their cum. They feel so virulent as a result. For some women, it's a huge turnoff, though. Even if it comes from the person they love, they can sense that a large amount of semen is simply too much to swallow at once.

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