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Roy Baumeister, a social psychologist, asserts that it is normal for your man to have greater sex desire than you do. He claims that men are more sexual than women based on a study of sexual behaviors between men and women. "Most adult men under the age of 60 consider having sex at least once per day. Only about 25% of women claim to think about it that often. Sex Vietnamese culture

Men still have about twice as many fantasies as women do as they get older, he claims, adding that "men want sex more frequently than women at the beginning, middle, and end of a relationship." According to psychotherapist Esther Perel, men experience sex differently than women, which is why they appear to be obsessed with it. "For women, the anticipation and the journey there are more important. Intentional desire is fueled by longing.

Women's desire is more emotionally layered, according to her. "Men don't need nearly as much imagination as women do. That is not to say that men don't look for connection, intimacy, and love in a partner. Just how they see the function of sex differs. Women prefer to connect and converse before having sex. Sex is the connection for men.

 Men express their tender, loving, and vulnerable side through sex. It is their intimate language. There can be a limit to a sex obsession, though. According to Owen Radian of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity (ATSAC), sexual obsession is an addiction and, like all other addictions like those to gambling, alcohol, or drugs, is a disease. According to him, it is a condition that is becoming more widespread and that also claims lives.

 "People with low sex drives get addicted to sex too, and it's not just about watching too much porn; it includes any kind of uncontrollable sexual activity, like compulsively using prostitution, hooking up on social media, exhibitionism (exposing parts of your body in public), masturbating, having multiple affairs, and repeatedly going to sex venues like strip clubs and sex shops.

" INDICATES OF HIS OBSESSION The following behaviors could indicate that a person is obsessed: a secretive, unhealthy love of pornography. Many sex addicts continue to masturbate after having sex. Sexually, he is very self-assured and occasionally slightly aggressive. If you refuse to have sex with him when he demands it, he gets very upset and agitated.

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