An extreme form of economic liberalism

An extreme form of economic liberalism

An extreme form of economic liberalism is the so-called Manchester liberalism in England in the early 19th century around the entrepreneur Richard Cobden (1804-1865):

Here, unrestrained free trade and unbridled economic freedom ('laissezfaire' capitalism) were demanded - As a 'night watchman state', the state was only supposed to protect the property of the individual and allow free competition within the country and between states. State intervention in economic processes was fundamentally rejected, and general prosperity and democratic politics were no longer goals.

In view of the structural consequences of a freely developed - philosophy homework help , capitalist market economy (impoverishment of the proletariat, lack of equal opportunities), social liberalism emerged as early as the 19th century: the state was to intervene on behalf of the socially weak and disadvantaged in order to mitigate social inequalities (tendency toward the welfare state).

An important pioneer in this direction was JOHN STUART MILL (1806-1873). For him, the overall happiness of a society depended on the proper interplay of individual freedom and social equality:

"We regard as the greatest social problem to be solved the question of how to unite the greatest possible individual liberty with the common possession of the resources of this globe and an equal share in the fruits of the division of labor." (JOHN STUART MILL, 1859)

MILL combined liberal, democratic, and social ideas into the concept of a modern representative democracy in which all citizens of the polity (including women) should have political participation rights - economics hw help . He also rejected paternalism of the state in economic matters, but advocated a state regulatory policy for a more equitable distribution of society's wealth.

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