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The most popular emotional support animals in the world.

The most popular emotional support animals in the world.

Many animals make up the best ESA. An emotional support animal is a therapist that treats a person who is suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, and insomnia. They are a good agent to fight psychological diseases that disturb a person's mind. Animals are soft, tender, and human-friendly, they treat a patient with care and help them fight off their disease. It is better to get these animals for your own treatment as they are trained accordingly to help you emotionally. Moreover, these animals are very popular in many states as people are recognizing them as therapists. Also, the positive impact of these animals is a reason for their popularity among all people.

The popularity of emotional support animals is on the rise, and at, we've noticed a growing interest in the most popular emotional support animals in the world. While dogs are still the most commonly used ESA, other animals such as cats, rabbits, and even miniature horses can also be excellent emotional support companions. Our team of experts can help you determine which animal would be the best fit for your individual needs and circumstances.

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An ESA letter is a letter, which is issued by mental health practitioners who have a valid medical license. They must share their license number in this letter to ensure ESA agencies that the person really needs a pet for treatment. Getting the ESA letter signed by a medical health practitioner is not the only protocol to follow. Firstly, an animal questionnaire is to be filled out by the patient.

This ESA form requires all the knowledge of patients about animals. After filling out this form, the doctor analyzes it and then checks the patient for any psychological issues. If the doctor suspects anxiety or stress, then they prescribe them an ESA.

If you want to satisfy your landlord, there is another letter which is the emotional support animal letter for housing, the former letter allows the person to take the animal to public places. However, this letter allows that person to keep that animal at home without any issues. This is a legal and ethical authority provided to people. One must make sure to get both these letters for the following animals.

Let us see a few popular ESA animals that are essential to keep by your side. These animals are in use all around the world and are famous for the able characteristics of an animal therapist.

  1. Dogs: Dogs are loyal, friendly, and affectionate. Humans and dogs have everlasting chemistry because of the loyal nature of dogs. They are an essential ESA as they perform deep therapy and help the person feel at ease. Their presence makes a person feel secure. They are physically and emotionally strong enough to keep a patient sane. They are the best animal to treat depression, anxiety, and phobia. Thus, make sure that if you suffer any issue or are scared of anything. Then you need to get an ESA dog for yourself.
  2. Cats: Cats are one of the most famous ESA. They are cute animals that are affectionate towards humans. Cats are calm and easy-going animals with a loving nature. They are able to get along with humans and never leave them alone. They are playful and cuddly with people around them. They take care of people with their instincts and never let them feel alone. Cats take up less space in your house, and they can even sleep with you. They are capable of curling up and sitting in your lap all day long.
  3. Rabbits: Rabbits are soft, fluffy balls that roll in your lap all the time. They keep tranquilized and provide you with therapy to keep your sanity intact. When you come from work or college, they seek you and come towards you running. They will sit in your lap and console you. Just touching them and playing with them soothes you. After a tiring day, they are the best animal to feel at ease. They are easy to keep at home and even fit in a shoebox. They are small creatures that remain silent when they think you need alone time. But they will jump and hop on you when you need them.
  4. Goats: Goats are happy, calm, and friendly beings. They remain quiet all the time and never create a ruckus. Goats are not talkative at all, and they treat a patient with affection and care. Goats are big animals and occupy a larger space like a backyard or garden to stay. So, if you have a bigger place with some extra space outside, then goats are the best option. They will keep you company and pat you when you feel down or sad. A goat can go out with you for a walk. They will silently treat your illness and make you feel at peace.
  5. Parrots: These are talkative and friendly animals that are compatible with humans. They are capable of talking and imitating human voices. They keep people company all the time. Having a parrot at the house is like having a chatterbox that keeps talking to you unless it is asleep. They are attention seekers and keep providing attention to you. Parrots are entertaining and best for lonely people. They make funny noises and plant smile on people's faces. They are easy to keep and require less maintenance than big animals. Even if you live in an apartment, then parrots can easily stay with you in a small space.

Patients and doctors have realized that an ESA is more efficient than prescribing tons of pills to patients. Furthermore, now this is a legal concept as well due to the realesaletter that is provided by ESA agencies having proper experience in assigning these animals. This letter assures that the patients can keep the animals at public places and with them all the time without anyone asking them to keep that animal away. It is because these animals are trained properly and they know how to behave in a social setting. Let us see what these letters are in the subsequent sections.

Henceforth, this is a list of a few animals that are the best emotional support when you have anxiety or depression. There are many other animals as well. So, do your research before you go for getting an animal for therapy purposes and get the best one to receive the best possible care.

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