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Choose your first vape starter kit

Choose your first vape starter kit

Many people may be thinking about purchasing a starter kit when they start vaping. However, there are so many different types of starter kits that many people have a hard time deciding which one to purchase. In this article, we will show you how to choose a starter kit and what we recommend. By reading this article, you will know which starter kit is best for you and you will look forward to starting vaping.

What is a vape starter kit?

As the name implies, a vape starter kit is the best thing to buy if you are just starting out with vaping. First, let's take a look at the basic contents of a starter kit and some basic knowledge about what types of starter kits are available.

Contents of a kit

The basic contents of a starter kit is a set that includes everything necessary to smoke an e-cigarette, such as a battery, atomizer, coil, and charging cable, which usually need to be purchased separately from each other. This kit is especially suitable for beginners, as they can enjoy vaping immediately after purchasing this kit. However, only the liquid is not included in the kit and must be purchased separately. This is because you can freely change the flavor of the liquid according to your preference. In addition, for types that do not have a built-in battery system, you will also need to purchase a rechargeable battery separately.

Types of starter kits

Starter kits can be divided into two types based on the specifications of the liquid: the type in which the liquid is injected and the type that can be enjoyed by replacing the cartridges. On top of that, starter kits are further classified into the following four types based on their shapes.

Box type

The box type is one of the types in which liquid is injected. This type is so called because the battery part is in the shape of a square box. The battery capacity is large, and many models are multifunctional, with adjustable output and mode settings, so you can get a deeper understanding of the appeal of vaping with just one vape. They are popular among the picky users who want to set their own settings, such as the amount of smoke and the feeling of satisfaction from the vape. Many models are compatible with a method called "smoke bombing," in which a large amount of vapor is produced and enjoyed, so even if you have become accustomed to vaping, you can continue to fully enjoy it. However, many of them are relatively large and heavy, so their portability is somewhat inferior to other types. It is advisable to choose a VAPE after carefully considering the scene of use.

Pen type

Like the box type, the pen type is another type of liquid-infusion type. Many models can be operated simply by pressing a single button, and many have simple controls with no output adjustment or other functions. Because of their ease of operation and portability, they are especially suited for beginners, but there are also a wide variety of models that can satisfy even advanced users. Also, advanced users often have a smaller pen type for daily use, and this type is often used as a second pen type.

Stick type

The stick type is one of the types that can be enjoyed by replacing the cartridge. Like the pen type, it is stick-shaped, but slimmer and similar in size to a paper cigarette, making it compact, lightweight, and unobtrusive. It has a very simple structure with no buttons and automatically produces smoke when inhaled. Therefore, the stick type is characterized by its ease of use and has no troublesome maintenance. Because of its shape, it is said that stick-type cigarettes are less tasty and less smoky than liquid-type cigarettes, but models with a more satisfying smoking experience are beginning to appear.

POD type

Another cartridge-replaceable type is the POD vape type, which is popular in Europe and the U.S. because of its ease of use, requiring only the replacement of a cartridge filled with liquid. This type is also gaining popularity in Japan, and is especially recommended for those who find the stick type insufficient for their needs, but find maintenance a hassle. PODs that can be filled with liquid are also available, which are becoming increasingly popular. Many of them are thicker than pen-type sticks, or are long and thin and square in shape, making them easy to carry. However, the variety of liquid types is limited, so those who want to enjoy a variety of flavors should carefully check the types of flavors before choosing one.

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