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Kanga Room Systems

Kanga Room Systems are prefabricated home systems that are available in a variety of styles. These homes can be purchased for as little as 80 square feet and range from cottages to modern studios. Customers can also choose from a variety of floor plans and interior finishes to make their space unique.

kanga room systems are based in Austin, Texas. They offer prefab homes ranging from 280 square feet to 800 square feet, as well as studios and sheds. Each Kanga Room System home is designed to fit a specified location and can be built in most cities that require building inspections.

If you're a first-time homeowner, you can get started by building a single-story, single-room cabin for under $5,900. You can add on to this small structure later if you'd like. The buildings are available in bungalow and modern styles, and can be built on concrete slabs or pier-and-beam foundations. A skilled construction team can assemble the entire structure in three days.

Kanga's eco-friendly structures are manufactured in Texas and utilize sustainable materials to minimize their environmental impact. They also employ an on-staff environmental designer who is continually looking for ways to incorporate green elements into their designs. They offer three different models, ranging from a small studio to a large guesthouse. Customers can even customize their spaces with additional rooms for storage, art, or playroom.

The Kanga Studio is one of the most popular models, with a variety of customization options to choose from. Available in both Modern and Country Cottage styles, this system is perfect for studios or guest rooms. Some models even include a full bathroom. Artists and hobbyists often choose to build a studio in this way.

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