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As well as real estate, the solid development of the furniture market is also related to the formation of the middle-income group in Vietnam that's distribute the aesthetics and need of consumers. "Clients don't pick furniture as glitzerfolie products but show their life style, sophisticated artistic feeling," Mr. Phan Dang Chuong shared.In 2018 Vietnam spent almost 500 million USD to import furniture, which can be estimated to keep to boost in the next years.

According to the sharing of consultant of Eric Dinh, advertising manager of Dongsuh Furniture, middle and high-end products and services have several price sectors which range from tens of million to nearly 400 million dong / product. Particularly, the getting energy of the purchase price section under 50 million VND accounts for 40% of revenue with this business. And at once confirmed, the current furniture market has not been properly examined in terms of item value.

It is challenging but Dongsuh Furniture's model of selling furniture on the web may entirely change that. Getting goods on the web in Korea as a practice of the folks, we believe that in Vietnam, we is going to do the exact same, particularly prior to the surge of IoT and e-commerce tools in Vietnam. selling house furniture will help save yourself substantial fees and support all Vietnamese people have the opportunity to access the luxury furniture phase at a reasonable price "- Mr.

Eric Dinh distributed to reporters tablets.Not only Dongsuh Furniture, other high-end manufacturers spread by Dongsuh Furniture also grow very high whilst the style of residing furniture (sectional sofa) classroom furniture, company room with office seat samples.With home gear, home, Kohler, Rita Vo is one of many 10 greatest distributors of the group. Mr. Vo Mau Quoc Trien - Chairman of the Board of Directors Rita Vo said that Vietnam is the 3rd largest market in Asia, after India and China.

When having a reasonable partner, the progress of the circulation system is likely to be very fast, ”Mr. Park Small Nam affirmed.What is the possible of Vietnam's furniture market nowadays?While major the planet in furniture move, Vietnam is still causing several potentials of the domestic market open."Ignoring" the domestic furniture marketAccording to a report on the Vietnam furniture industry made by Dongsuh Furniture, Vietnam ranks first in Southeast Asia, 2nd in Asia and 4th in the world.

in furniture export. In 2015 alone, in the European industry, the total export turnover of furniture reached US $ 7.2 thousand and US $ 1.7 million with home design items.Also based on Dongsuh Furniture's examination, the present Vietnamese furniture industry is mainly export-oriented and making the garden open. All the domestic industry is a playground for imported things, originating mainly from China, Malaysia and Thailand.Domestic usage of wooden products stays weak.

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